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Mogwai wears sadness well


Mogwai, Every Country’s Sun
  • Mogwai, Every Country’s Sun
Despite producing the excellent BBC soundtrack Atomic last year, Scottish instrumental prog-quartet Mogwai hasn’t released a studio album since 2014’s Rave Tapes. Political turmoil in the UK and United States may have fed the consciousness of Every Country’s Sun, but the departure of guitarist John Cummings has brought the band’s sound back to the type of keyboard-driven melancholy found in the 2011 suite The Singing Mountain. Stuart Braithwaite even offers up some rare and intriguing vocals on the pop tune “Party in the Dark.” Band members insist that tracks like “Coolverine” should be thought of as more a defense against tragedy than mired in despair, but in any event, Mogwai wears sadness well.
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