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MMJ: Lights out



Colorado Springs is home to a growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries. In fact, they're almost out numbering mega-churches. However, don't rush to get your MMJ card just yet. Local universities are not keen on changing their policies regarding the use of marijuana on campus anytime soon.

Representatives of Colorado College, UCCS and Pikes Peak Community College all gave me the run-around when I asked for their official MMJ policy. Campus safety told me to call campus life; campus life told me to call campus safety. One person told me to just look online, while others directed me to media relations.

Once I finally got an answer from each school, it went like this: No, medicinal cannabis is not allowed on campus.

There are two reasons for this common policy: a) patients cannot get a prescription for medical marijuana, just a recommendation; and b) despite more progressive state law, marijuana is illegal in the feds' eyes, no matter what form it takes.

So unless medical marijuana becomes legal across the nation or those doctor recommendations turn into prescriptions, looks like campuses will remain weed-free.

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