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Mira Sol food truck serves pure fire


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  • Griffin Swartzell
This New Mexican food truck is 100 percent fire. That’s been established over the Mira Sol’s three years in business. And by fire, we’re referring as much to the spiciness of their food as their reputation for quality. On a recent visit at Goat Patch Brewing Company, we get a big adovada burrito ($11.50) smothered with Christmas chile — that is, both red and green. And we’re in love with the tender pork within, its chile heat never overwhelming the herbs and spices it’s seasoned with, mellowed but not quenched by beans, rice and cheese. But the milder green chile atop tastes less of peppers than chicken stock and black pepper, a major disappointment. [Clarification: Owner José Apodaca says his green chile is vegetarian.]

The red’s better, proper fiery, but there’s a taste of uncooked chile powder that’s a personal pet peeve. Still, it stars nicely on stacked cheese enchiladas ($9), served three high on a plate with rice. Both come with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream, a merciful respite for capsaicin-shy diners.


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