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Minding the store

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George Sode
  • George Sode

Minding the store Just who runs this town? And just who is supposed to run this town? Our new mayor has been in office for seven months now, as have the majority of fresh-faced members of Council. And in that short time, their pro-development decisions suggest their gratitude toward the contributors who put them in office (for more, see this week's cover story beginning on page 16).

George Sode Downtown
Retired artist

Who runs this town? I hope that the City Council and the mayor are running the town.

What changes would you make if you ran this town? I'd be more liberal by helping people who are in need. I would encourage the arts; getting people together in social events. There are a lot of lonely people.

Paul Henry
  • Paul Henry

Would you take a bullet for the mayor? No. I would maybe take one for some people, people who I love, but not for the mayor.

Paul Henry Los Angeles

Who should run this town? The people.

What would you do if you ran a town like Colorado Springs? I would try to do what most of the people want. If there are complaints out there, I'd try to make sure their needs are met.

Would you take a bullet for a politician? For a statesman, yes, for a politician no. A statesman is somebody who is in it for the people, and not for their own personal gain or position. That goes back to the Founding Fathers who tried to make this a better place to live. There are not too many statesmen now.

Drew Bennet
  • Drew Bennet

Drew Bennet Downtown

Who should run this town? The homeless people. They know the town; they know the streets; they walk around it a lot. They are aware of the most obvious problems, which maybe are otherwise overlooked.

What changes would you make if you ran this town? Disarm the Air Force and NATO.

Would you take a bullet for the mayor? No, because we could just get another one.

Joanna Popiel
  • Joanna Popiel

Joanna Popiel
West Side Secretary; sewing teacher

Who runs this town? The business people. I wouldn't say that they run this town, but they have a pretty good influence. And of course there's input from people like you and me.

Who should run this town? The people on the City Council. We elected them. They should be doing the daily issues for the people.

What changes would you make if you ran this town? I would do some improvements. They have done a lot of improvement in the downtown area, which is really good. I would do some improvement in Old Colorado City. And sometimes the streets change to a different name, so maybe I would make them a bit more uniform. But then, it's the charm of Colorado Springs.

Would you take a bullet for the mayor? No, that's not my kind of work. I'm not a Secret Service person. If I was on the street and he was walking down the street and I saw somebody pointing a gun at him, I probably would shout, "Get out of the way!" I wouldn't take a bullet for anybody except my own kids.

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