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Milo at the Triple Nickel show preview


Milo, with Scallops Hotel, Schapero, and Curta; Friday, Dec. 1, 8 p.m., - DOM ALCANTARA
  • Dom Alcantara
  • Milo, with Scallops Hotel, Schapero, and Curta; Friday, Dec. 1, 8 p.m.,
‘Brothers like me don’t live too long, that’s why I have to write so many rap songs,” declares underground rapper Rory Ferreira on the 2015 album, Plain Speaking. That may also explain why the 25-year-old Midwesterner hasn’t been able to limit his insanely prolific output to a single pseudonym: Over the past six years, he’s put out six full-length releases as Milo, and another three as Scallops Hotel. (Both personae will be performing sets on this current tour.) Milo was also a member of the Hellfyre Club collective — alongside Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle — and, over the past year, has made guest appearances on tracks by Aesop Rock and P.O.S. Even Needle Drop host Anthony Fantano, who justifiably proclaims himself the “world’s busiest music nerd,” can’t keep up with the young emcee’s output, although God knows he’s tried over the course of several episodes. Ferreira’s hyper-literate wordplay will have you looking for annotated lyrics, and his music is similarly eclectic. While the words “Milo” and “nerdcore” have been known to show up in the same reviews, his raps are really too deep — vocally, emotionally and politically — to deserve that. A better point of comparison would be the lo-fi jazz-rapper MF Doom or any of the aforementioned collaborators. Listen to the 15 tripped-out tracks on Milo’s latest album, Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! and you’ll hear an artist with the talent to stick around on the scene for a very long time.

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