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Millibo's value, road rage and bicyclists, Trump, Stein and 69



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Millibo's value

Bravo Indy (and Alissa Smith) for broadcasting kudos to our local Millibo Art Theatre ("Setting the stage," cover story, Sept. 7)!

Many years ago I met Birgitta DePree at a festival. She did a fabulous job of convincing me that I needed to bring my very young children (both barely walking at the time) to their theater. We have become some of their most loyal groupies. This theater and its talented performers, stagehands, musicians, etc., make you feel that your presence matters and that they are there to simply make sure you have a wonderful experience.

My school partnered with the MAT for Birgitta to teach workshops in classrooms that increase literacy, body awareness, self-esteem and an interest in all the arts. The teachers were introduced to wonderful ways to enhance their curriculum and encourage creativity and self-awareness. The teachers gained skills, the students had a fabulous time, all while incredible kinesthetic learning was taking place. Are you a teacher, principal, parent? Contact the MAT to arrange for this organization to meet the needs of your students through a thoroughly engaging experience.

This organization proves that we have talented professionals right here in our community that need our support. Skip the movie and attend live theater at this and the other local talented venues. The organization that is the MAT has brought so much to my students, my family, and to me personally. I cannot say enough: a million heartfelt thank yous for all they do for our community!

— Brenda Holmes-Stanciu

Manitou Springs

Raging behaviors

Even in a car or truck, I've come across road rage by idiots ("Punishment pass," News, Sept. 7). However, when it comes to cyclists, we have to be fair and have them share the blame for what some crazy motorists do.

I've had cyclists shoot out in front of me from side streets, alleys and between parked cars without so much as a glance to ensure it was safe to do so and as a result, each time, I've had to slam on my brakes or run them over.

I've had cyclists three abreast [illegal] taking up to two lanes and up to 12 long on a busy street and only one line in the bike lane. At a red light, I've had a cyclist ride in a figure-eight between four cars, ended up in the middle lane and then shot out in front of left-turning vehicles to make a left turn.

I've had cyclists ride in the right lane while there was a bike lane and then weave in traffic in front of me.

When they do these illegal and dangerous moves, it angers drivers on the roads obeying the traffic laws, but still does not warrant road rage. I've slammed on my brakes too many times to avoid running over a cyclist and not once did they give me a glance or apologize. Each time I slam on my brakes, I tense up because one day I'm sure I'll be rear-ended.

Like drivers in vehicles, cyclists must pay attention to the road and traffic laws and avoid road rage at any level. In no way am I saying road rage is acceptable, because it is not.

— Roy Lopez

Colorado Springs

No good choices

I'm a gun-toting, party-hating, left-wing liberal. A push-back socialist. That's just how I roll. I was for Bernie Sanders, then Donald Trump, then Jill Stein. Now I have to write myself in.

Why not Stein? Well, because she supports an assault weapons ban. I can't forgive her for that, but I'll tell you what, I came damn close. And here's why: She's the only candidate with the intellectual horsepower to see what's what.

Stein acknowledges efforts to confiscate would result in a blood bath. And that's the way it should be. Government should be afraid of the people. She also acknowledges that people don't trust their government. She's right. And that's the way it should be. People should not trust their government. Especially when their government does not trust them.

She says she first wants to create an environment where the people trust the government. Well then, the first step is government trusting the people. An assault weapons ban fails that test. Trust us, Jill, and then maybe, just maybe, we'll start to trust government.

Too bad the Progressive Bull Moose Party can't float a candidate.

— James C. Burnham


Give 69 a shot

We all know that Obamacare made it so that we have to buy insurance, and insurance must be sold to you. However, the law does almost nothing else.

The insurance companies make all the rules, and they raise your premiums, deny your claims and send CEOs huge bonuses and golden parachutes at your expense. A disaster all the way around. I watched Republicans take out all the benefits to us, and I watched the Democrats happily handing them over.

Now, Colorado has hit on something for the people (humans, not corporations) and it may be required under the preamble to the U.S. Constitution. It is Amendment 69.

There are some real dangers: First, Big Pharma may try to withhold certain drugs because they can't grossly inflate prices like the EpiPen. Another problem is avaricious doctors will leave, causing a temporary shortage of doctors.

A major concern is your taxes will go up, your premiums to insurance companies never stop climbing, and are already more than your tax increase will be.

But with no more premiums, this will save you money. The insurance company no longer standing between you and your doctor gets you medical attention even if you don't have money. You already paid, with your taxes. Catastrophes and bankruptcies do happen, but it doesn't have to be because you got hurt or sick.

I consider it my duty as "we the people" to vote yes, and I hope others see it in a similar way and Amendment 69 becomes a right of the people.

— Douglas Harvey

Woodland Park

No protection

Wells Fargo Bank has been fined $185 million for pulling a huge scam on its customers, creating more than 1.5 million sham checking accounts and applying for more than a half-million credit cards using customers' names and money without their knowledge. Apparently, employees have daily quotas to meet.

This scam resulted in customers being charged fees for accounts they didn't even know existed, and credit scores were adversely affected. The bank has fired 5,300 employees and must refund about $2.6 million in fees and penalties.

This scheme was discovered by a federal agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a watchdog group established after the financial crisis. Its job is to protect ordinary folks from the scams that banks will commit if nobody is watching them. CFPB exists thanks to the efforts of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

But Republicans, including Donald Trump and his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, would love to abolish the CFPB and other legislation enacted to prevent another crisis. Republicans are interested in protecting billionaires, not you and me, so if they win the upcoming election, watch your back. They'll work to abolish our ally, the CFPB, and the next time a bank rips us off we'll be helpless.

— Fred Kormos

Colorado Springs

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