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Mill Hill Saloon's a classic dive with lots of color


  • Matthew Schniper
Mill Hill Saloon’s a bustling dive on 21st Street’s hilltop with a killer patio view, around since 1983. It being my first time in, I ask what they’re known for. The bartender replies “draft beer.” Cool — a crisp pilsner-styled Pacífico Mexican brew it is, next to a malty, amber-bodied Colorado Native lager (the craftiest handle, respectable for its all-Colorado ingredients even if MillerCoors owns it; $3.50 each during happy hour). The only food’s Rocky Mountain Pizza pies (from Sheridan, Colorado; $7.50/9-inch), which cook on the countertop quickly and arrive with plastic ramekins of Parmesan, red pepper flakes and a zesty garlic powder/oregano blend. Our deluxe sports pepperoni, sausage and a veggie mix, with cracker-crunchy thin crust; it’s a fine frozen option on the fly. Go if you: will dig cowboy, family and customer photos and memorabilia hung all over corrugated metal-faced walls. Avoid if you: will be offended by the rebel flag hung stage-side and appearing over stained glass hanging over the bar.
Location Details Bloom's Mill Hill Saloon
1668 S. 21st St.
West side
Colorado Springs, CO

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