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The Denver Broncos have won two Super Bowls, but the last was 15 years ago. Will this finally be the year for another championship?

Nate Hedin

Nate Hedin of the west side works in oil and gas

Describe the scene where you'll watch the game. I'll be at a party on the other side of town. They've got a big TV and surround sound. Food, beer and football ... there will probably be around 15-20 people.

If you could change one thing about football, what would it be? I played football in high school and loved it. There's a big uproar now about injuries, but I think the players are well-compensated. There's always a risk, and the injuries are part of it.

What city's fans do you feel sorry for, and why? Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit and Minnesota — they're all terrible.

Who will win? I think Seattle might be able to pull it off. They're a better running team and they also have a good defense. But it should be a good game.

Marian Lee

Marian Lee of the northwest side is a nurse

How excited are you that the Broncos are in the Super Bowl? I'm very excited. We moved here from Texas about 3½ years ago, and now I'm really attached to the Broncos.

Describe the scene where you'll be watching the game. We're just going to relax at home. We invited the children over, my son and his family, and they're all die-hard Broncos fans.

What city's fans do you feel sorry for, and why? Dallas. I think the management should let the players call the plays more, and the Cowboys would do better. I think the owner gets too involved.

What's your prediction for the final score? Oh, the Broncos will win! It's the Chinese Year of the Horse, so it's destiny.

Aaron Berndt

Aaron Berndt from Pueblo is a student

How excited are you for the Broncos to be in the Super Bowl? I don't really care all that much, but I think it's pretty exciting because they haven't been there in a long time, and it's exciting because it's part of the Colorado community.

Describe the scene where you'll be watching the game. I'm going to watch the game with my dad. He's a hardcore Broncos fan. He lives up in the mountains, so it will be cold, and we'll have a fire going.

What team's fans do you feel sorry for, and why? I feel sorry for Raiders fans. The Raiders are the most shameful team. They never win and they're cheaters.

What's your prediction for the final score? It's probably going to be a high-scoring game. The Broncos will win, let's say 38-24.

How do you think the weather might affect the outcome? It won't. We're used to playing in cold weather, and the Seahawks are babies.


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