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Best Of 2011: Place to Skateboard

When I was about 7, I "took up" skateboarding. Sensing adventure, I laid my belly on someone else's board, pointed it down the biggest hill I could find, and let loose. The result? A bloody nose, an angry mother, and fewer brain cells to invest in this journalism career. (Who needed 'em?) In other words, I ran headlong into a parked car. Anyway, the kids at Memorial Park, even the 3-year-olds, have much better motor control. Good for them. It probably doesn't hurt that the million-dollar skate park they're playing on was professionally designed by Team Pain, and is competition-sized at 40,000 square-feet. — J. Adrian Stanley

Best Of 2010: Place to Skateboard

Visit and you can view four Memorial Park Skateboard Park webcams aimed at the 40,000-square-foot, Team Pain-built attraction. Roam the Internet a little bit more and you'll find comments about the park — one of the largest in the country — such as, "Combi bowl is the best bowl I've ever skated," and, "Pool is gnarly." Of course, a BMXer left this little tidbit on "This park is fun to ride. One of my friends ... was dropping in to the bowl and clipped his back tire on the coping. The result of this was a 15-foot fall to concrete and he ruptured his spleen, broke out his two front teeth and fractured a disc in his back." On second thought, that's gnarly. Perhaps you don't want to visit the webcams. — Kirsten Akens

Insider Guide 2010

Thrash your way around Colorado Springs' newest and "sickest" skate park. While there are other skate park options in this area, Memorial Park Skate Park's 40,000 square feet of concrete bowls, pools and street-style obstacles make for days upon days of ample shredding.

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