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Unless you grew up in a Tora Bora condo complex, you've probably heard of Jello Biafra. He's the no-sellout, Boulder-bred incendiary who fronted The Dead Kennedys -- The Clash of American punk. If you were never lulled to sleep by such soothing ditties as "Nazi Punks Fuck Off," or "California Uber Alles" you might recall Mr. Biafra from his various campaigns for President of the United States,, his free-speech spats with Al Gore's honey bunny, or his encomium to Sally Ride and company, titled "Why I'm Glad the Space Shuttle Blew Up."

Jello has seen his share of hard times in the last decade, including a savage beating by San Francisco skinheads and legal battles with his former DK bandmates. But like any good professional insurrectionist, Jello soldiers on. Next week, he comes to the Springs to promote general sedition and his spoken-word album, The Big Ka-Boom. Disappointingly, in the fashion of many of our elected officials, Jello turned down the Independent's requests for an interview.

--John Dicker

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