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Meet Kenneth Cleaver, Consumer Correspondent



This week, we are delighted to introduce you to Kenneth Cleaver, consumer correspondent, whose kick-off column appears on the opposite page.

For the past six months, Mr. Cleaver has peppered Colorado Springs-area companies, political and civic organizations and newsmaking individuals with letters pitching innovative ideas and questioning popular wisdom. His contributions will occasionally include companies and newsmakers outside of Colorado as well.

As discerning readers will soon come to realize, Mr. Cleaver's letters often provoke interesting, refreshing and sometimes plain hilarious responses that are designed to make readers laugh -- and think.

All of Mr. Cleaver's letters are sent via U.S. Postal Service and neither they, nor the responses, will ever be altered in any way. Consumer Correspondent will appear in the Independent weekly for the first month, and after that, twice monthly. Consumers with questions or ideas can e-mail Mr. Cleaver directly at In addition, we welcome your response to our fresh addition via letters to the editor at

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