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Meet Corner Post meat; Barney's closes

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Meaty matters

Corner Post Meats (10165 Hodgen Road, Black Forest, will host its Unforgettable Pasture to Plate Dinner with Denver-based chefs Dan Gullickson and Curtis Bell of Rogue Food Works, on Saturday, April 18, from 3:45 to 9 p.m. (which includes cocktails and a farm tour for $100). That precedes a week-long intensive "From Field to Fork" butcher class for serious homesteaders for $4,000, in June.

If neither of those are your financial speed, you can support the farm via a $60 mixed-meat package that includes a pound of ground beef, two pork chops, a sirloin steak and a whole extra large chicken. All of that is pasture-raised, and all cows, pigs and lambs are grass-fed through slaughter.

If CPM is a new name to you, it's because the business was originally Wyoming-based. It moved to the Monument area in early 2014 under operators Adrienne and Dan Lorenz. This past February, in a partnership with the Audubon Society, CPM acquired a 1,500-acre lease inside Black Forest to set up a sustainable model of responsible grazing practices benefiting wildlife habitat and land restoration.

Overall animal counts fluctuate based on the land's resources and market demand, but currently CPM hosts around 50 pigs, 75 cows, 30 lambs, 450 laying hens and 750 meat chickens, also in partnership with other like-minded ranches.

The business mainly focuses on direct-to-consumer sales via its website, with options for pickup at the pasture's farm stand or monthly delivery through Buckley's Homestead Supply or Ivywild School's Hunt or Gather. Ivywild's Bristol Brewing contributes spent grains to CPM as animal feed and fertilizer, while the Blue Star Group restaurants purchase whole hogs and ground beef for The Blue Star and pork for The Meat Locker and La'au's.

"Our goal isn't to be in every restaurant in town," says Adrienne, who instead wants to build relationships inside the wider Pikes Peak community via tours, monthly workshops and dinners and regular purchasing. "The door's open; we want people to experience it."

By "it," she partly means the nutritional difference of grass feeding, which results in healthier Omega-3 to Omega-6 fat ratios, as well as several other factors, including the all-important taste. A YouTube video on their site demonstrates their humane and ecologically beneficial grazing methods, and Adrienne says she just wants folks to learn more about where their food comes from.

Barney's rubble

Barney's Diner has ceased operations at 129 W. Las Animas St. A sign on the door says it is "temporarily closed," but also notes that "the business is available for lease." Barney's had been around for more than four decades, and was well regarded for its fried chicken and Ranch Foods Direct burgers, among other surprisingly affordable items.

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