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Mary Jane in the kitchen

ReLeaf: Winter 2016



In bringing you the most useful and interesting information on good ol' Mary Jane in the Pikes Peak region, there has been one glaring omission in our coverage: edibles. Sure, we've talked about Maureen Dowd's experiment, the recent spate of pesticide-induced recalls and the industry's struggle to make edibles aesthetically distinct from other packaged foods. But edibles bring cannabis to new consumers, who can't or don't want to smoke it, either as medicine or as a recreational drug.

This edition of ReLeaf focuses on the joys of edibles. Whether you buy your treats from a shop, or want to give Aunt Helen's lemon bar recipe an update, this Winter 2016 edition of ReLeaf has something for you. Just remember: Start low, take it slow and give your edibles two hours to take full effect.

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