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Marijuana edible review: Orange Zest Awakening Mints


  • Baynard Woods
I was recently in Denver for a conference (I live on the East Coast), and talked to several people who didn’t normally smoke but were going to buy some edibles to try while they were in town. It was obvious down at the hotel bar, where people nervously fidgeted, skizzed out or sat in silence.

Weed eaters are now facing something of an omnivore’s dilemma, or at least an embarrassment of riches. New cannabis cook- books seem to be released daily and the edibles sections of dispensaries are overflowing. But as many tourists have learned the hard way — edibles can be tricky. If you’re smoking, you take a toke and wait a minute and then take another. You can manage it better. But when you eat a brownie, you don’t feel anything for a while as it works its way through your gut. Maybe you even eat a little more. Then boom! You feel like that Michigan cop who made brownies with confiscated weed back in 2007 and ended up calling 911 saying, “We made brownies and I think we’re dead, I really do.”

So here’s a good move: Take something that can dissolve in your mouth so you don’t have to wait until it goes through your digestive tract to tell how you’re faring. I love Orange Zest Awakening Mints. They’re small orange pills that come in a punch-out pack — it looks sort of like birth control pills and tastes like vitamin C. They dissolve right under your tongue.

Each pill contains a moderate 5mg THC dose from an uppy sativa blend that also features orange oil, ginseng and ginkgo. If you’d rather chill, the same company, Dixie Elixers and Edibles, also
has a Peppermint Relaxing Mint, but that’s not really my thing. (I also question any company that uses Dixie in its name — but I didn’t know that until I looked a little closer.) The one bad thing about them: If you’re really a lightweight, these mints are so small that you can’t really break them
in half.

There are endless options for edibles, but this one is discreet, mild and vivifying.

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