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Marijuana and Manitou

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Jasmine Humphrey

Officials with Colorado Springs and El Paso County have nixed marijuana's recreational sale. Not so in Manitou Springs.

Jasmine Humphrey of Cascade is self-employed

Why the hubbub about the start of recreational marijuana sales in Manitou Springs? People attach a stigma to things they don't understand and are unfamiliar with, and then resist it.

Do you favor or oppose its recreational sale? As an Army vet with PTSD, I can testify to the benefit of marijuana use. Plus, as a woman of color, I see how criminalization has impacted my community as a whole. Prisons are overflowing with people doing time for possessing s­mall amounts of marijuana — a huge, unnecessary waste.

Does Manitou benefit from its recreational sale? It can be taxed, which provides badly needed funding for Manitou's flooding and infrastructure issues.

What is the difference between the recreational sale and consumption of alcohol and marijuana? If you're an adult and responsible about your behavior, there's no difference.

Jay Young

Jay Young of Peregrine is in the military

What are your thoughts about recreational marijuana sales in Manitou? I'm against it. I've done acute psychiatric care. I've seen the effects of recreational drug use.

Why is its sale creating such a stir? A big part is that it's perceived as young people defying the status quo.

Will sale of recreational marijuana change the character of Manitou? It already has. Just walking around, I've smelled marijuana several times. That's going to discourage me from participating in social events in Manitou Springs.

Compare recreational use of alcohol to recreational use of marijuana. Alcohol use is established. It's accepted. There's probably no big difference between being intoxicated and being high, but I oppose any expansion of recreational drugs.

Jacque Fitch

Jacque Fitch of Old Colorado City is in food service at Colorado College

Why is the sale of recreational marijuana in Manitou so controversial? Up to now, it's been criminalized. Now, it's suddenly legal. It's a shock to the system.

Will the sale of recreational marijuana change the city's character? Absolutely. It'll put a lot more money into the city's coffers, and it'll be a lot more mellow and friendly around town.

How likely is it, in your lifetime, for marijuana to become legal nationwide? The Charlotte's Web movement is changing everything. Charlotte's Web is a strain of marijuana named after a little girl who was having a hundred seizures a week, but thanks to Charlotte's Web, it's down to maybe one a week. Parents are moving to Colorado with their sick children to gain access to it. I hear they're now allowing it to go across state lines. That's the beginning of nationwide.

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