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March madness


Winter has its charms, but the cold, the early nightfall and the absence of green get old. March, though, can be maddening the days as likely to be cold and snowy as mild and golden.

Ron Hamilton
Green Mountain Falls


Who'll win the NCAA basketball tournament? I couldn't so much as name a team in it.

What is real March madness? The itch we get when intervals of sunny weather are interspersed with the snow. We get squirrelly. I see it in my students.

Does your mind-set change in spring? I'm more prone to make plans, look ahead. It's a feeling of beginnings, of change, of increasing flow.

What are you most tired of about winter? Wearing long pants.

Sam Bader
West side

Nonprofit property manager

Who'll win the NCAA tourney? North Carolina.

Do you monitor games on the sly while at work? I'm not a big basketball fan, so, no.

What's March madness? Here in Colorado, it's never knowing from one day to the next whether it'll be spring or winter weather.

What are you most tired of about winter? The wind.

Does your mind-set change in spring? I feel more energy, kind of like waking up. Winter is more a hibernation mode.

Angus Drummond
Old Colorado City

Fly-fishing guide

Who'll win the NCAA tourney? I'm more a hockey and football person. I don't follow basketball.

Describe March madness. People sitting around on their couch all week, drinking beer and watching basketball instead of going outside.

What gets most tiresome about winter? I kind of like winter.

What's your best spring break memory? The 27-day trip rafting through the Grand Canyon I just got back from yesterday.

Amy Graham
West side

Unemployed restaurant worker

Who'll win the NCAA tourney? I have no clue.

Does your outlook change in spring? I'm a gardener, so, yeah. Everything's new, with blossoms and flowers.

What are you most tired of about winter? The cold, it getting dark so early.

What's your best spring break? The time I drove the kids to Venice Beach in California.

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