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Manitou could try a 'density cap' for recreational pot




Beware the banhammer

Last Wednesday, during his monthly press conference, Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach said he'd be going to City Council on May 28 to tell them his opinion on what the city should do regarding recreational-marijuana stores.

Which is?

"I will tell you where I'm leaning: Recreational marijuana is not only a public-safety issue of great concern to the city — the police chief can verify that for you — it is also, I believe, a very serious economic development issue."

Bach said he goes around "calling on our primary employers to thank them for being here" and asking how the city can help, and apparently they're all saying "they're very concerned about this matter." He's also not interested in the support-small-business argument.

"And when you talk about small businesses, um, I would just offer that adult bookstores are small businesses; I'm not sure we wanna allow those around the city," Bach said. "So we have to be thoughtful."

At one point, the mayor intimated that he thought Manitou Springs might similarly be considering a ban, so we checked with Mayor Marc Snyder for confirmation.

"Basically, I don't think a ban is really an option out here in Manitou: We had some pretty high numbers in support of every marijuana measure that's been on the ballot in the last few years," Snyder says in a voicemail to the Independent. "However, I have expressed concern that I don't wanna be the only jurisdiction in El Paso County that is going to allow for retail centers.

"So if that were the case, if Colorado Springs were to enact a ban, then I'd probably be looking at some type of cap — a density cap, or even just an outright limit on the number of establishments that we might allow out here in Manitou."

Keef crumbs

• Best Budz ( has moved to the other side of North Academy Boulevard, to 3729 Austin Bluffs Pkwy. "It's a lot bigger," says employee Susannah Wachlin. Asked about expanded offerings, Wachlin says, "Hopefully, but we don't know yet."

• Last week, the Vermont legislature decriminalized possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. "The bill also replaces criminal penalties with civil fines similar to a traffic ticket," wrote the Associated Press. Gov. Peter Shumlin is expected to sign it into law.

• The monthly magazine Seattle Metropolitan told the tale, last week, of how a Pike Place Market butcher shop was experimenting with feeding bud trim to its pigs, then hosting Pot Pig Gig dinners. Butcher William von Schneidau told the magazine that the plant "gave the meat a more savory bite."

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