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Their cup runneth over. So too, their pint glass and whiskey glass, and maybe even a growler here and there.

Saturday marks the kickoff of the first-ever Colorado Springs Craft Week, which on its surface sounds like a quaint little endeavor destined to attract a few diehards of the local sipping scene. (Or, to the fully untrained ear, lovers of macramé.)

It's not that the name is inaccurate — craft coffee, beer and spirits all share the spotlight between Saturday, April 26, and May 4 — but it's modest enough to do something of a disservice to Aly Hartwig and Co. The locals behind CSCW have somehow managed to wrangle more than 60 events over those nine days, as well as a trio even before the "week" officially begins. By the time this Sunday night bleeds into Monday morning, more than a dozen venues will have hosted a CSCW event, ranging from a Craft Cocktail Sampling at The Famous to a Latte Art Throwdown at R&R Coffee Cafe.

In this week's cover story (starting here), Anna Palmer explains how all this came to be, and where Hartwig, a 23-year-old local brewer, would like to see it go from here. More to the point, CSCW's insert in this week's paper contains the week's schedule, as well as information on the nonprofits that benefit.

Because of course they'd bring in a charitable component, just to top it all off.

Weak sauce, this is not.

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