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Long, strange trip



It's been a long, arduous, exceedingly strange election process, but Tuesday we vote on a new president, lots of local officials and even more ballot measures.


Jeff Wolfe
Old Colorado City

Gazette employee

What was the most outrageous moment of this election? I'm voting Democrat, but I'd say it's when McCain was criticized for lack of e-mail savvy, only to find it's because he's crippled from his war injuries.

Name your favorite campaign line. Sarah Palin's line about being able to see Russia from where she lives.

Predict Palin's political future. She'll contentedly govern her state for the rest of her term. She's probably ingrained herself on the national level, though, and there's so many unqualified people out there why couldn't she be the one that breaks through?


Lenore Fleck


What's most characterized this election? I liked Obama best when he focused on ideals like kids paying for college by doing community service, as opposed to lately, when he's reacting to what others say.

Describe Joe Six-Pack. I don't think the typical American sits around drinking six-packs, but my husband disagrees. I can see McCain's point about no one liking taxes, though.

Forecast Palin's future. It's bright. She appeals to a lot of people. She's well-liked in Alaska. The thought of her as vice president doesn't thrill me, though.

Besides president, what candidate or issue matters most? The ones involving education funding.


John Koselak
San Francisco

Food and beverage director

What's most outrageous about the election? There's only two candidates.

Cite your favorite campaign line. The one about "lipstick bulldog."

What does Joe the Plumber bring to mind? Butt cracks.

Predict Palin's future. Housewife. Having more babies.


Roger Drumm
Stetson Hills


Name the most outrageous moment of this election. The attacks on Sarah Palin especially someone breaking into her e-mail.

What does Joe the Plumber make you think of? A guy who's just trying to make it in a world that's falling down around him.

Predict Palin's future. I hope she goes on to be president of the United States.

Other than president, what race or issue matters most to you? Given the amount of money they're making, oil companies getting tax credits is a shame.

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