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Craig Brittain says he was a troubled teen. He had a "habit" of punching people in the face. And for fun, he would drag race down Academy Boulevard.

As an adult, the Colorado Springs resident found a new way to test his tolerance for risky behavior, co-founding the revenge-porn website Is Anybody Down?.

While Brittain will argue that he has done nothing illegal, that doesn't mean that he isn't facing a world of opposition. For example, few people attract the hostility of the notorious hacker collective Anonymous, which just in the last few days has posted Brittain's Social Security number online — that, following a document dump it had carried out months earlier, in 2012.

In our mid-December interview for this week's cover story , Brittain shrugged off the Anonymous threat, as he shrugged off the threats posed by numerous attorneys looking for any possible legal challenge that will shutter his website and cut off his source of income. It's clear that Brittain thinks he's got the situation under control.

In fact, Brittain sees himself as a member of the vanguard of free-speech and transparency activists. He is pushing the bounds of what is and isn't allowable online so that we can all enjoy the freedom that the Internet provides.

He might just pull it off. Win this race. But there is also the chance that he will crash and burn.

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