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As we were preparing to send this paper to the printer, we heard the news about the murder-suicide that left at least four people dead in Longmont on Tuesday morning.

And just like that, any doubts we had related to running a tongue-in-cheek, fairly goofy, cover story on end-of-the-world holiday shopping were magnified.

They'd been present, of course, since a shooter killed more than two dozen people, including 20 kindergartners, in Connecticut last Friday. Over the weekend, as we watched and read the same coverage that everyone else did, we wondered whether we should change tack in this week's long-planned issue.

Do we acknowledge the solemnity of the time, or provide a respite from it?

In his column, Rich Tosches chose the former. Once that was in place, we made an educated guess that by Wednesday, the paper as a whole should lean toward the latter.

As I write now, today's headlines merge with images from the first Connecticut funerals, and I can't help but wonder if our call was the right one.

I guess all this is just to say that we at the Indy are fully aware that for many people, this holiday season is going to be brutally challenging. We will certainly be among those who remind ourselves to count our blessings — or, better yet, hug and kiss them on Christmas morning — as we mourn for those who have lost loved ones. For them, we recognize that this holiday season really has brought the end of the world, at least as they've known it.

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