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The editorial space inside 235 S. Nevada Ave., from which so many of our words emanate, is a high-walled open space ringed with Macs and an array of kitschy junk that we just can't bear to part with. The concrete walls are painted pale yellow, the phones are black and gray, and the carpet a nasty brownish-maroon.

It's an insular space, this one, and that's just one reason why we love Best Of time: It's our biggest reminder of the year that our words don't go out into a vacuum — that our intelligent and sexy readers are plucking pieces from the paper and making them their own, and come voting time, directly dictating the content of these two large issues.

Which brings us to this second and final part of 2012's Best Of coverage, starting here. Jesus apparently said that it's written that man cannot live on bread alone, and that's why we couldn't stop at just the initial Food (and Drink and Nightlife) bit. We wanted everybody to know who the majority of you think offers the best local experience when buying antiques; or doesn't freak you out when it's cavity-filling time; or maybe just tweets the way #youlikeit.

Whatever it is, it wouldn't be possible without you, and your contributions to the cause of winnowing down a city's worth of information into the bare essentials. So from our desks to your hands, we thank you.

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