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If you believe that the New-Ageists have it right, that on Dec. 21 the world as we know it will end, then the Independent you're reading might be your best hope for going out happy.

See, starting here, Volume 1 of our annual Best Of Colorado Springs publication, 66 food and drink purveyors are highlighted as first-place winners. That's 45 local businesses and 12 chain restaurants that earned your votes in our readers' poll, plus nine places we've called out as "IndyPicks." And wouldn't you know it, there are 66 days from our issue date through Dec. 21.

Call it one more sign that everything's aligning just so for a cataclysm.

That established, you've probably got no reason to save your money. So our modest suggestion is to visit one Best Of winner a day for the next two months or so. Get an app and dessert. As our Convention and Visitors Bureau might say (presumably without a hint of irony, even in the face of end times), live it up.

It's also worth noting that starting on p. 65, we've got write-ups on your favorite picks in the nightlife realm. There aren't quite as many of those, so we hope you can plug all of them into your schedule without too much trouble.

So I guess that's that. Oh, except for one more request: Please accept our sincere gratitude. We appreciate that you're spending some of your precious, fast-disappearing minutes with us. No question, you truly are the best.

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