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Margarita drinkers, it seems, are not without a need to plan.

Type "How many margaritas" into Google, and the volunteered completion options that pop up include "in a pitcher" and "in a bottle of tequila." More to the point of the exercise, though, are the search suggestions "to get drunk" and "can i drink."

Of course, conveniently for the asker, those will eventually answer themselves.

But it's that desire to know that we understand and completely support. So, this week, life's bigger questions will have to wait, because we're seeking to send you in the direction of the sexiest margarita we could find.

Our team of tasters — me — searched o'er hill and dale (also known as six regional Mexican restaurants) for the most delicious and balanced liquid example of summer love, so that you might not be caught out when tasked with deciding where to go for drinks this Memorial Day weekend.

Now, if it's advice on whether to go with rocks or frozen that you're looking for, that I can't help you with (though over-ice seems the most old-school). The delicious coolness imparted by warm, limey alcohol melting over frozen cubes is only rivaled by the appearance of a deep-bowled glass of sangria-swirled snow cone with attitude.

But then again, maybe I have it all wrong anyway: "The best way to have a margarita is the most classic, but also the most rare," says, "elegantly served 'up' in a martini glass."


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