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While taking a break from transcribing a nearly two-hour hip-hop discussion for this week's cover story, I was checking the featured playlists on MOG, a streaming music service that reaches 49 million people each month. Every week or so, MOG posts an "exclusive artist playlist" featuring tracks chosen by musicians who tend to be famous, cutting-edge, or both.

So maybe I shouldn't have been surprised to see "An Exclusive Playlist by Wheelchair Sports Camp" at the top of last week's offerings. After all, the Denver hip-hop group is getting tons of attention, including a recent Village Voice cover story on frontwoman Kalyn Heffernan. But given that she's one of the three emcees whose conversation I'd been transcribing all morning, it was still an unexpected coincidence.

The news hook for our cover story, which begins here, is this coming Saturday's Trayvon Martin benefit at the Black Sheep. It will feature performances by Wheelchair Sports Camp, the Wandering Monks (who also participated in our discussion), Bullhead*ded and lots of other hip-hop acts.

Wheelchair Sports Camp's aformentioned playlist, by the way, includes tracks by well-known acts like Radiohead, Erykah Badu, Talking Heads and the Notorious B.I.G., as well as more underground fare from the likes of Gonjasufi, Quasimoto, Warpaint, Shabazz Palaces, and Company Flow. It's well worth hearing, and so are the musicians featured this issue — whether onstage or in conversation.

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