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'City of Sunshine." According to research compiled by local retired librarian Judith Rice-Jones, this was Colorado Springs' first official slogan registered by the Chamber of Commerce in 1928.

Since then, everyone from the Economic Development Corp. — "Great Minds. Great Mountains." — to the Convention and Visitors Bureau — "As Colorado As It Gets" — has attempted to brand the Springs.

Of course, the city's also seen unofficial labels: In 1990, 60 Minutes called us "Ground Zero of the Savings and Loan crisis." In 2001's Fast Food Nation, author Eric Schlosser dubbed the Springs a "metaphor for the evolution of the nation's fast-food industry," and in 2007, the New York Times wrote, "Colorado Springs [is] a sprawling, chain-stored center of conservative evangelical Christianity looming just beyond the Garden of the Gods."

Most recently the CVB took another stab at tagging a new logo for the city with "Live It Up!" which brought out the critics in droves. And gave us at the Indy an opportunity to expand the community conversation about who and what we are beyond social media and other standard media outlets.

By clicking here, you'll find the finalists in our WeBrand competition. Go to our homepage to vote for your favorites. Some deserving designers will win some hard cash, and we'll share the results with the CVB's powers that be.

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