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Names like Herman Cain, Jerry Sandusky and Anthony Weiner have become as commonplace as Kleenex, Coke and Mr. Clean, thanks to overexposure (warranted or not) through national media. In our cover story beginning here, Amanda Marcotte, a writer and blogger known for her pieces on feminism and politics, gives you her six ways for how to identify when a "sex scandal" is truly scandalous (or worse) — and when it should be our business.

It's a great place to start a conversation. And we hope it does just that, because many of us recognize that even as someone like Anthony Weiner has his name splashed across headlines or Twitter feeds, many more incidents of sexual harassment and violence — those that truly do warrant attention — are being ignored at the community level.

For every Herman Cain, there is a local company CEO telling his female assistant that her raise is dependent on "performance." For every Jerry Sandusky, there is a local sports coach "getting to know" his kids, post-practice.

As we ponder what is and isn't our business nationally, we might also start talking more about what should always be our business: situations in which someone is wielding power, as an acquaintance of mine puts it, "to manipulate or coerce the sexuality of non-consenting others."

And from there, maybe we can advance the conversation, to include what we can actually do about it.

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