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On Nov. 17, the Indy launched its WeBrand initiative, asking local people to nominate ideas for branding Colorado Springs. The next day, Amy Sullivan e-mailed a pretty compelling logo and slogan, self-consciously noting she'd put it together in about half an hour. (You can see it now at

Ten days later, she e-mailed me out of the blue with another design. "I realize that I am a nerd," she wrote, "but my colleagues are insisting that I show this to you." That concept, featuring two cryptids and a stack of gift boxes, is what you see on this week's cover.

In between those e-mails, Sullivan and I talked for this week's story (starting here) on local people who, like her, are making standout crafts and creations to sell on We talked about her inspiration, about her internship at Copilot Creative, and also about the local design scene.

"I've seen a lot of work at school, and working at Copilot, I've also learned about a lot of other designers here," she said. "And I'm really impressed. I really had no idea. And I think that one thing that would be amazing would be if somehow, if everyone else knew they were here, too."

Sullivan, irrepressible as she is, already is getting noticed. So we'd recommend you get in on her stuff — and the other work featured here — now, so you can look your most hip and thoughtful. As the architects of our "Live it up!" brand can attest, it's not always easy to do.

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