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I am not normal. I've known this all my life, and began to embrace it after high school. (As you probably know, abnormal doesn't go over well in that setting.)

It was refreshing, then, to intern at a place where nobody is normal. It's almost like the Island of Misfit Toys around the Indy.

Sometime during the middle of the day, Matt will often set down his handmade mug filled with maté to lead the group in some calisthenics. Then Demetrius will shuffle in, wearing his argyle socks and shorts, and start spouting some poetry that I don't understand.

Chet will laugh very loudly as Kirsten's Boston terrier Lucy crawls in my lap so I can't get any work done. And Jenny will ... OK, Jenny is actually pretty normal, but she's the only one.

The cover package in this issue (starting here) is geared toward local college students. If you're one of us, we encourage you to fly your freak flag proudly. But we also insist that when it comes to the basics, you take good care of yourself. That doesn't necessarily mean getting into shape to ride a bike 500-plus miles, like the guys featured in this issue's other big package (starting here). But it does mean finding some balance as you eat, drink, exercise and socialize, on- and off-campus.

We hope you enjoy our stories in here. Just try not to dwell on the fact that they were written by a bunch of weirdos. Because, you know, Jenny is normal.

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