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I know what you're thinking: a food-security story with a Doomsday edge in an Earth Day issue? WTF? Shouldn't we be praising the latest business to add solar panels, or re-espousing the virtues of LED lights or something?

Well ... no. Let's face it: Those stories can be pretty boring. And chances are, you already know what they have to say. Either you're on board and truly make Earth Day happen every day — turning off electronics, wisely consuming water, biking when possible, etc. — or you just hate Al Gore.

For our Eco Issue this year, we opted to access our cynical sides and have some fun.

In addition to my examining a slightly morbid niche food company in Cañon City, DVD junkie Louis Fowler unpacks the greatest disaster flicks of all time. And in Street Smarts, Bob Campbell asks the probing question: Who's crazier, the 2012 people or the Rapture people?

OK, there are a couple more serious pieces, such as the news story in which Pam Zubeck pinpoints a major hurdle between this city and solar-fueled prosperity. So be sober if you must. We won't stop you from going out and planting that tree (to make up for the one that gave its life for the paper you're holding).

This year, it's about whatever makes you feel good at the end of the day. Or the end of days.

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