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"Ponycow! That sounds like fun."

That Jonas McCluggage e-mail sent me to, where I gathered that "Ponycow!" is "something you say when something awesome happens."

McCluggage was reacting to my request to run a few of his images as a blog series leading up to today's paper. The idea was to use to tease the unusual, ambitious and wholly professional graphic novel project that he's well on his way to producing — at the age of 20.

Aside from his artistic talent, what I immediately liked about McCluggage was his good-natured goofiness and penchant for stylistically marching to the beat of his own drummer. If he were to sketch that drummer, the character would likely be banging away at some odd steampunk contraption in a totally alluring fantasy world.

His quirky and curious drawings are simply magnetic, rife with rich detail and masterful composition and line work. Having been privy to the 80-odd panels that comprise the first half of The Lofty's Comic, I can assert the material is technically more proficient than the majority of comics I read as a kid and those I still occasionally sample.

Created almost entirely inside Lofty's Idea, the new coffeehouse that inspired the narrative, the collaboration also stands as an early vote of confidence for that space's potential impact in the community.

I'm sure there's an underused expression for that too, but for now, "Ponycow!" should suffice.

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