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Everyone likes a good controversy, with the possible exception of those who find themselves either caught in the middle of it or suffering on the sidelines.

This week's main features focus on individuals who left high-profile positions under highly unusual circumstances. In most ways, their stories couldn't be more different. And yet ...

Former Episcopal Church rector Don Armstrong's flashpoint came last year in the form of a grand jury indictment. Although the reverend pleaded no-contest to a felony theft charge in September, he continues to maintain his innocence. Armstrong's sentencing and restitution hearing should conclude Friday.

In the case of former Obama adviser Van Jones, who will speak at Colorado College next week, there were no allegations of criminal misconduct. But there was a trial of sorts.

Jones' track record as a community organizer and civil rights activist had already put him well within Glenn Beck's sights. But when video surfaced of a pre-administration Jones referring to Republican congressmen as assholes, the FOX personality went ballistic. Nearly 18 months after Jones' resignation, Beck still harangues him with a passion that, coming from anyone else, would seem pathological.

Our interview with Jones begins here. Armstrong's story opens here. Whether there are lessons to be taken away from these controversies is hard to say. But they do make for good copy.

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