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It's been decades since radio stations burned disco records, but dance music continues to be dismissed by a significant portion of the population. Once associated with bad fashion and John Travolta, it's now more often derided as 4/4 fodder for blissed-out revelers who thrive on indistinguishable electronic soundscapes.

Which, when viewed from a distance, it is.

But on closer examination, electronic dance music can incorporate a wide range of musical styles, from the heavily Jamaican-accented dubstep to the motorik beats of minimal techno.

And much of it will be heard at Saturday's Love Festival. Surely the most impressive electronic dance music event to ever take place here in the Springs, the touring festival will bring accomplished electronic music artists and DJs from around the world for nine hours of trance, house, dubstep, techno and more.

To learn more, check out our cover package, where, you'll find a preview of Saturday's festival, artist interviews, and a sobering story on current rave-related controversies. You'll also find a handy guide to current dance subgenres. Something for everyone, really.

And to actually hear the music, you can pay a visit to, the site where top DJs do much of their music shopping these days. You'll be able to listen to 60-second samples of some 600,000 tracks, each labeled according to its specific subgenre.

And, yes, there's an app for it.

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