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Long story short



The phrase "death by taco" kept running through my mind.

It was near 10 o'clock and we were at our fourth taco truck of the evening. We were beyond full, but kept scoffing down tortillas and meats, scribbling notes, snapping photos, chatting a mix of English, Spanish and Spanglish with customers and vendors. We were on salt and fat overload, breathing heavily, play-moaning like whiny little niños, and suddenly wondering if you can inspire a heart attack, stroke or some lethal bodily spasm by eating too many tacos in one night.

In do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do fashion, we advise stretching your taco truck tour to a single destination per day or night. If you're a Mexican food aficionado, you'll find these simple outfits (read the story here) offer some of the most authentic meals in town — far cries from Tex-Mex standards in sit-down restaurants. This is the true flavor of our neighborhood streets, especially the Springs' southeast side.

If eating tongue, cheek or intestines grosses you out (and really, if you tasted them, they wouldn't), there's plenty of gringo-friendly options like chicken, beef and pork at each cart. So don't let that stop you from a fun, local and cheap food adventure.

Friendly tip: Don't chug water to douse grilled jalapeño heat. Reach for the shredded cabbage instead.

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