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Sometimes when a decade ends, people look back over the previous 10 years and decide there isn't much to remember.

But it's hard to imagine anyone feeling that way about the decade that's wrapping up now.

All of us were affected by the events that engulfed our lives during the Aughts (or whatever you want to call the 2000s), topped by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. I'll never forget that morning, sitting in a newsroom in Florida, instantly thinking this would be the most indelible moment of my lifetime. I look back now at that paper's Sept. 12 huge headline, "ATTACK ON AMERICA," followed by the next day's banner, "Rising from the ashes," and the shivers return.

Those memories will have to share the space now as we relive the past decade, mostly through a local lens, starting here.

We don't pretend to be the ultimate authority, and everyone's outlook will be different. If you feel we have left out or glazed over some aspect of the 2000s, feel free to say so — either online or by letters to the editor.

Let's hope the '10s will bring better times for our city and region. And we can do without anything close to another 9/11.

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