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The essayists featured in this week's cover package are the kind of people who, just by their being here, make you proud of Colorado Springs.

In any city, most people would be inclined to look up to a doctor and a nun who have devoted years to caring for the poorest and most vulnerable people.

The same could be said for any young guy who earns an Ivy League-punctuated education and pours what he's learned into a brand-new school serving lower-income kids.

But in the Springs, there's also legitimate reason to celebrate the unpaid music promoter who coerces touring bands into taking a chance on the conservative outpost 60 miles south of Denver. And the indie restaurateur who fights the chains not only for the sake of encouraging culinary diversity, but also to build community.

These, and the rest of the people who contributed to our "Naked City" project, all work long hours with and for people who desperately need their expertise. With that in mind, we weren't sure that all of them would find the time to share their thoughts regarding the state of Colorado Springs.

We're grateful that they did, and hope that if you can find the time to read what they've written, it will help fill out your view of our city.

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