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College is a difficult thing to sum up. Author Tom Wolfe tried to describe it in his 2004 novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons.

"Sex! Sex!" he wrote. "It was in the air like nitrogen and oxygen! The whole campus was humid with it! Tumid with it! Lubricated with it! Gorged with it!"

Well, Wolfe may be a literary legend, but I am an actual college student. Take my word for it: College, at least here in Colorado Springs, is slightly more complicated than that. Besides, most of the time, you're way too sleep-deprived and overextended to even want to have sex.

OK, OK, seriously this time. The coolest, and the hardest, thing about college is that it is whatever you decide to make it.

You can be the girl who's constantly jacked up on Red Bull so she can study compulsively, or the king of keg stands, or the kid who peppers all conversation with pop culture references.

Hopefully, however, you will be whomever it is you're most comfortable being.

For this year's Student Survival Guide, we three summer interns — Avalon Manly, Ken Voeller and myself — attempted to do justice to the different facets of life as a college student in today's world.

Enjoy, take care of yourselves, and good luck out there!

— Virginia Leise

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