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Working on this week's cover story, I dropped into a world where everyone talks about death.

Sure, I called a few folks whom I expected would want to discuss the new natural "death care" movement making its way to Colorado Springs — complete with do-it-yourself home funerals, "green" cemeteries, biodegradable caskets and the like.

But I didn't realize how often, just by mentioning this story, I would be raising a subject that people were truly eager to talk about, at length.

With this article as an ice-breaker, over the past few weeks I've heard all kinds of tales ranging from sensitive to serious to silly about the ways that people want to leave the world.

For example, I learned that one of my co-workers has considered being stuffed by a taxidermist when it's his time.

Call it denial, or maybe fear, but rarely in daily life do we discuss or even contemplate what will happen to our bodies post-mortem.

Now a growing group of people, many of them eco-conscious and aging, are beginning to examine the impact of their final act on the planet. They're asking questions about the way it's been done and whether they can find a better, or at least greener, way to go.

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