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Just over a month ago, I concluded research for a feature story on Colorado Springs' detox dilemma. I waded carefully through sensitive issues related to our chronic substance-abusers and the lack of social services currently available to them.

At the time, alcohol just seemed ... bad to me. I even had a sense I should abstain from a post-work beer, just to show some kind of secret camaraderie with the health care workers I interviewed.

Now, just weeks later, I present our annual Drink issue.

Oh sweet maiden Irony, when shalt thou leavest me be?

As the assigning editor, I had to re-focus on alcohol's positive attributes, to be appreciated when viewed through the lens of responsible drinking. Not surprisingly, alcohol seemed good again, and tasted even better.

As you'll soon read, my fellow Indy hooch-heads and I have cast a light on everything from Colorado craft distilleries to alluring happy hour deals. We've even paid homage to or "glorified," as some angry letter-writers will contend creative home drinking games. And perhaps as unconscious penance, we've highlighted a new service aimed at curbing DUIs.

If my strange month has taught me anything and it probably hasn't it's that "good" and "bad" are constructs of a mind that just needs a cold beer. So, cheers.

Matthew Schniper

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