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Last year at this time, we printed one of the few stories that we would even consider running on an annual basis.

We wondered if that might be the last time that "Project Censored" would be worth a cover story in the Independent. The concept, developed in 1976 and maintained since then out of Sonoma State University in California, seemed to be nearing the end of its natural life span.

After all, in today's 24-7 news world, you can get headlines and analysis from scores of legitimate online and television outlets. But in 2008, so many publications online or print and cable networks have thrown most of their energy into the twists and turns of a historic presidential election and unraveling economy. So even in more progressive, less mainstream media, not every newsworthy topic has received its due.

Certainly, this year's package provides some revelations that, at best, have been brushed aside. We know the death toll of Iraqi citizens has to be far more than reported, but few have made dedicated attempts to find out for certain. And if you shudder at how the Bush administration has behaved, you'll find plenty of fresh meat here.

So perhaps the title is what should change. At least in 2008, there's still plenty of relevance for a "Project Overlooked."

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