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Many of our cover stories are staff-produced, but we're always looking for pieces elsewhere that could appeal to readers in the Colorado Springs area.

So we took notice when the Boulder Weekly, a fellow alternative newsweekly, ran a full-length piece on Amendment 48.

Pamela White, Weekly editor and the story's author, felt everyone but especially women needed to become better educated on the implications of the "personhood amendment," which would grant all rights of a human being to a fertilized egg, even before it implants into the wall of a mother's uterus.

Her story (starting on p. 17), both highly informative and chilling, examines how the passage of Amendment 48 would impact Colorado, from outlawing some forms of contraception to preventing pregnant women from being treated for serious medical problems that might threaten the fetus.

When we approached White about reprinting her story, she was pleased to think it might help Colorado Springs readers understand the amendment's reach. To underscore supporters' willingness to indeed take it to extremes, we're also including a letter that came to us from Fr. Bill Carmody, a local Catholic priest known for his anti-abortion activism.

Please read the package, then draw your own conclusions.

Ralph Routon

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