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Long Story Short


For the first half of this week, the world has belonged to the politically minded. And as this issue hits the distribution racks Thursday morning, their grip is surely tightening, what with Barack Obamas acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination just hours away.

The Independent has had reporters in Denver through the week, and we can vouch that the Democratic National Convention has given off some huge energy. We've included a few dispatches in this issue.

But politics doesn't have a monopoly on stirring passions. In Salida, for instance, Christo and Jeanne-Claude our cover subjects and would-be "Over the River artists have probably angered and inspired just as many people as Barack Obama or John McCain.

So, in the same provocative spirit that moves these artists to propose running six miles of fabric over the Arkansas River, we assign them some, uh, distinguishing characteristics on the cover. And we direct you to our Fall Arts Prevue.

We hope arts lovers will use this guide to plan some energizing and rewarding outings.

And to political junkies who plan on going no farther than the fridge until Election Day: We'd urge you to reconsider. There's a lot going on this season.

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