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Long Story Short


At its core, the story of pop-rock band OneRepublic centers around two questions of identity: How do you make a name for yourself when, primarily, you're known because of someone else? And how does the idea of "home" fit into who you are?

The first is a question vital to the future of OneRepublic, a band that has burst onto the national music scene, thanks in large part to its connections with super-producer Timbaland.

The second deals with Colorado Springs' local scene, and it's not exactly new. Hang around this city's creative types long enough, and you start to hear some common complaints. How long can one really last in the Springs, creating? Would things be better in Los Angeles or New York City?

Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins of OneRepublic, with veiled but strong ties to the Colorado Springs community, opted to try out a larger music scene. So far, given recent successes, it appears they made the right choice.

But does OneRepublic's experience change anything for the acts that haven't left? And can Colorado Springs really call OneRepublic its own, considering how little time the band's members actually spent here?

These questions are tough to answer. But considering how excited people are about OneRepublic at this point, piecing the puzzle together should be fun.

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