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Long Story Short


"I want to write about breasts."

That's what I told my editors when I made the pitch to write this week's cover story.

Looking back, I see that maybe it wasn't the fairest way to get their attention. But it was my first cover-story planning meeting and, hey, it worked.

What I probably should have said is that I wanted to write about some amazing advances in medical science that are uncovering the mysteries hidden in our DNA.

Yeah, I know. Now you see why I mentioned breasts.

But what if I told you that these advances include genetic tests that not only diagnose medical conditions when you're sick, but can predict whether you're likely to get a disease?

You've got Dad's eyes and Mom's dimples. What about Grandma's breast cancer?

If you could take a simple test to find out, would you want to know? If so, and if you got a positive result, what would you be prepared to do?

Women in Colorado Springs including myself and others around the country are considering these questions.

Read this week's story and find out how we're answering.

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