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Long Story Short


We've all had those moments, even the calmest among us.

Moments when you'd like to bludgeon the person in the car in front of you.

Moments when you're tempted to park your car in the middle of the street.

Moments when you're genuinely pissed at whomever crashed their car in the middle of the highway (how inconsiderate!).

As hard as it is to believe when you're having "a moment," it is a privilege to own a car. So, the next time you're flipping off a truck driver for hogging the fast lane, think about how lucky you are. A 15-minute commute for you could take hours for people riding city buses.

And as the Colorado Springs City Council considered making cuts in bus service for 2008, some who rely on public transportation realized they might not be able to get where they're supposed to be going at all.

In the end, Council decided not to cut service, after putting everyone through a long period of uncertainty. Perhaps the city leaders realized there is another reason to care about buses: If the city doesn't improve public transportation, you'll be stuck in your car forever. And traffic in the Springs is expected to get a lot worse.

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