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As many news stories lament, it's all but impossible to gauge just how big the pornography industry is. In reporting our cover package (starting on page 18), we've come across some crazy numbers: $90 billion in annual global revenues, a new video made every 39 minutes, 50 percent of Christian men (and an exploding number of women) buying and watching.

Many of these stats come from religious organizations in business to "save" people in one way or another. But while you may want to view some claims with skepticism, it's tough to argue the overarching point. Porn is everywhere.

Enter Pulpit Rock Church, and its decision to organize the Great Porn Debate events here next week. Church leaders are devoting time, energy and money to raising awareness of what they call "porn addiction" or "sex addiction," and to linking people whether churchgoers or not with groups and professionals who can help.

When it comes to such services, national expert Dr. Douglas Weiss says, we're one of the better-equipped cities. And while most therapists and groups here do have a spiritual bent, that's not true for all. You can learn about some options at next week's events, or just by Googling "sex addiction" and "Colorado Springs."

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