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Long Story Short


Before arriving at the Indy, I spent almost 10 years working in the Springs' nonprofit community. So when I was asked to coordinate this year's Giving Issue (package starts on page 17), excitement beat out nerves.

I knew the perfect topic: local nonprofits faced with addressing issues above and beyond their main missions.

It's a common refrain: Clients arrive at area agencies and need more than just a safety plan or just a hot meal or just a psycho-educational group. (Or, in the case of animal welfare, just a bowl of kibble.) They also require child care, health care, transportation, homes. The list goes on and on.

I'll never forget the man I learned of a few years back who needed meds and therapy to help him get off the streets. With his mind on the mend, he then wanted a job so he could truly be self-sufficient.

Problem was, no one would hire him because he had rotted teeth. The agency that had helped previously adopted the mission of getting this man fit with a new set of choppers.

It's unconventional, yes. But it often takes a little unconventional thought to make real change.

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