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Long Story Short


So, my story about the air traffic control crisis is finally complete.

Boy, oh boy, I sure will miss reading all those 100-page reports from the Federal Aviation Administration. I guess sometimes you just have to know when to let go.

Truth be told, I've read more enjoyable product manuals in my time. But I will miss that sense of triumph I got every time I located the fact I was looking for, buried in one of those monstrosities.

I was surprised by just how much the FAA reveals about its strategies, if you're willing to dig for the information. It's all in there, even the less-flattering bits.

I had hoped that FAA officials might speak to me on some of these topics, and spare me from having to search their impossible Web site to find reports and then read each one with a critical eye.

In fact, one FAA representative assured me the FAA would answer all of my questions within two days of my request.

But after he saw the 40-question list, he decided that the questions might take a few extra days.

Or maybe a year or two. He still hasn't contacted me with the answers.

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