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Long Story Short


Pete Freedman and I had a pretty good feeling early on that we'd enjoy covering the expanding Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, along with one of our interns, Edie Adelstein.

How'd we know?

Hardhats twice.

On two of three tours we took during the construction of the new FAC (see package of stories, pages 14-19), Pete and I clomped about awkwardly under safety helmets, occasionally exchanging thumbs-up and high-fives when other media folks weren't watching.

While everyone else was abuzz around President/CEO Michael De Marsche, the new "Orange Hornet" Dale Chihuly chandelier and works from the unearthed permanent collection, Pete and I ducked into vacant galleries and butted heads like rams to test the integrity of our awesome headgear.

One thing I can say for the plethora of new gallery space: Man, it's got good acoustics. We sounded like Greek gods at war.

Sweet, hard plastic aside, we were both really impressed by the new space. We look forward to opening night and a bright future in a town that now sports a world-class museum.

Cheers to a new FAC.

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