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Long Story Short


Really, this week's cover story found me.

Two weeks ago, I got a voicemail from a Grammy-winning music producer named David "Hawk" Wolinski in Nashville, Tenn. He had just been informed there was a man going around Colorado Springs pretending to be him.

He sounded kinda pissed. And understandably so it's not too fun to watch someone else take credit for your work.

The kicker: I actually had met that "someone else."

I saw him honored at the Business of Music seminar put on by the Pikes Peak Blues Community in late April.

In fact, I had participated in that seminar. I had heard this "someone else" speak at length about how much he had learned from his experiences in the music industry. And now, I had a guy telling me it was all bunk.

I dug around, not sure what to expect. Slowly, though, the pieces came into place: the victims, the pawns, the investigators some experienced, some not. I started putting them together and tried figuring it all out myself.

Then I got a call back from the one major player I never expected to hear from.

Suddenly, I had quite the yarn on my hands.

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